Tightrope walkers of Dagestan

The annual tightrope walkers festival is about to start. And the small Caucasian village awakens to take part in the fest and earn money.

Traditional villages of Dagestan are segregated by the professions. There are pot makers village or painters village. There is also one tightrope walkers village which was once famous all around USSR.

These days two girls Zumrud and her sister are the only young who follow the village traditions. They and their families gather for the annual fest to show themselves and earn some money. As once a year they are able to use their traditional way of getting income.
Zumrud is helping her smaller sister to practice some tricks right before the annual tightrope walkers festival, which is about to start.
Zumrud is having her training in her mountain village in Caucasus. She is preparing for the annual tightrope walkers contest.
Zumrud's family roots lead to the greatest rope walkers in the province and USSR itself. And following the traditions of a small village, children have to do the same with ancestors.
Zumrud's family is of the last, who left in the old tightrope walkers village in Dagestan province. For about a hundred years villagers were walking tightropes to entertain neighbours and earn money. Since that, times have changed, and locals had to leave houses and look for money in a big towns.
The rope festival is held in one of the small USSR style towns. These traditions which people were following to earn money with their profession are fading. Today the sport of tightrope walking can not feed these people anymore.
Zumrud's father and relatives are the greatest sportsmen in the district. One of her relatives is performing crazy flip around the rope.
Musicians are always a part of tightrope walkers village. They live hand by hand with these people and their income is based on the income of a festivals these people hold.
Colourful traditions of Dagestan today are about to disappear. Since this land is full of corruption and criminality, such things like traditionality hard to get through.
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