Up by the beautifullest Karakorum highway

Karakorum highway has changed. From a narrow trail in the mountains it turned to a great part of silk road, then a frontier of a Big game of Russia and Great Britain and became a legendary. Now it is not more than a trade artery in between China, Pakistan and India. However it is still the most beautiful and uneven trail on the earth. It is a place of dangerous slopes, terrorists threats, Pushtu nomads, ancient forts of Great game and crazy Mid East traditions.

To make this story I have crossed Pakistan from Wagah border up to Gilgit Baltistan in Karakorum valley to see what is Karakorum highway today.
Wagah border. The famous parade at the borderline with India. Here the trade route starts.
Wasir Khan mosque market in Lahore. Lahore is the main trade centre of the Pakistan. It is close to Wagah border and stands on the cross of major trade routes of Pakinstan, Afganistan, Iran and India.
The dog fights are held at the side of Karakorum highway. It is the most accessible route for locals who take part in the fights.
Pushtu family in the tent. Fore the winter they use Karakorum highway to migrate south to the winter pastures. KKH still remain the place where traditionality meets modernity.
Pushtu villages at the side of KKH.
Pushtu kids are washing gold at the shore of Hunza river. These families of gold washers remain poor and have to sell gold that they get with poisonous mercury for nothing
Driver of Pakistanian truck buys fruits at the road side. Pakistan is famous for its truck painting traditions.
At about 2012 one of the slopes of KKH went down with the road itself. Now one of the part of KKH is the obligatory boat ride. However since that KKH became much more dangerous because of the small and slimpsy boats
Local Tajiks stopped for wedding celebration. These people hold Ismaely traditions and since their last prophet Aga Han is in power, they are highly sponsored and apart from other Pakistanians retain their sufficiency.
KKH at the Hunza area. Hunza is not controlled by the Pakistaian government. However Ismaeli prophet Aga Han and dozen of NGOs work to provide education and sufficiency in this area.
Fort Baltit. The one of the famous strongholds of the Big Game - the silent war between UK and Russia for a control of Middle East.
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