Chiatura - town of cable cars

Chiatura was founded in 1921 under USSR rule and turned to a production town. The heart of a town is a Manganese production mine which brings up to 60% of the world amount of the element.

However the most unique thing of the town is that the only public transport during that time were two dozens of cable cars. The town was designed for the uneven relief of Georgian gorges.

Today Chiatura is going through hard times. Miners are leaving their quarters, and the town is dying out itself. Half of the cable cars has stopped operating.
Therefore a problem floated up - how to safe the unique and rare town from dying.
The first and oldest cable car road num. 25 lifts up to the miners district. There are no roads or any other alternatives to move through districts. If cable car is going to be closed, workers will have no other opportunities except of leaving their house and moving out.
A Georgian woman - operator of one of the first cable cars in USSR. This type of cable cars still needs three operators to maintain it. However, cable car get no passengers these days and about to be closed.
The endpoint of the cable car line number 25 is a semi abandoned working district. Since the manganese production got reduced, workers started leaving their houses for a better live. However some families still remain in the apartments without heating and running water. And if cable car line will stop operating, these people will be left without any connection to the town.
Woman from miners district is waiting at the cable car station. Citizens of Chiatura use cable cars for everyday needs - shopping or transportation for work. And it is the only way to move around.
Locals are visiting upper hill of Chiatura for a chat with friends, alcohol and good views. It is New Year's vacation time.
Citizens, who are taking public cable car to get to their houses, which are located at the upper part of Chiatura. This is one of the last dozens cable cars, which still operates inside town. But half of them has already stopped.
A passenger is taking the oldest cable car line in Chiatura.
View to a Chiatura districts. Uneven relief makes it completely impossible to use any other transport than cable cars. And it makes to understand why the last and unique public transport is so important
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