I am a self-taught documentary photographer, operator and movie director from Moscow, Russia. My stories are primary about travel, culture and social subjects from all over the world.

I work with travel magazines in Europe and South-East Asia such as Nat Geo Russia, GEO Germany, Discovery Russia. Apart from that I shoot social photography and videos for Russian Civil Assistance NGO under UNHCR.

I write editorial travel stories in Russian language. Although, my text are published world wide, i am permanently freelancing for Discovery mag.

Huge part of my work is a commercial travel multimedia. I shoot outdoor, remote destinations, expeditions on the same level with leisure and easy-going tourism. I have founded a small media agency "StepOut".

Photo contest wins: Best of Russia 2014
Humanity Photo Awards 2014
Write me: san4estramp@gmail.com
I am on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/san4estramp
Call or whatsapp: +79296825681
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